Smiles of Successful CSI-Avalon 2013

Smiles of Successful CSI-Avalon 2013


Era After Sachin Tendulkar !

Answer to the question at which every Indian Cricketing fan was looking at,is none other than the man leading from front in alpha,beta version of the game,and picking almost the peak in each format,which no one other than him ever did.

He’s not the greatest of batsman in todays era but he’s certainly the best finisher in the world.
He’s unorthodox,but he has won it WT20,WT50,Champions Trophy and numero uno in Test field also.He is “Mahendra King Dhoni” !
It is totally illogical to compare The great Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni.This is not the comparison but it is about the legacy to carry forward.
In my early days,when I learned to play or understand cricket.I knew only one person and that was Sachin Tendulkar , that man represented the nation in early 90’s,i vividly remember,wicket of Sachin was the symbol of India’s defeat and license for housewives to switch another channel.
later,when i understood the game completely,i realised,there are other 10 people whose support has been undershadowed by this Single person with his charismatic Hand eye co-ordination,fearless stepping out to the world’s best spinners.Not only Indian fans but many of the fans from other cricketing nation were also hardcore fans of this master blaster.
and to be true he deserved that completely..his records says that..
unmatchable Statistics over the world.
the whole idea of expressing greatness of this person is that in his time in shorter formats,he was the sole reason many of the peoples used to follow or watch Cricket closely..
someone randomly sees the scoreboard and it displays 10-1 First question that comes Sachin gaya kya.??
I mean no matter what is the teams position.But Sachin’s Presence on the field is supposed to be mandatory for whole action.
so..moral of the story is he carried forward Indian Cricket on his shoulder,and Modern cricketing time witnessed the transformation.

and now when Sachin has announced his retirement from shorter format,where he is and will remain the undisputed king.the question is who other than him will carry that burden of carrying Indian cricket forward like Sachin did,who will become that one choice out of the team that people will see Cricket only for him..
now that one person,will not come from heaven or hell..he should be in or around the team & he has been.
He has already lifted peak trophies in every format of this game.
MSD,MAHI,DHONI,Captain COOL,Mahendra SINGH DHONI, commentators call him by many names,as they like.

comparing will be such a foolishness!

Now when you see Indian cricket’s future..where you can stop your view and say out of this 11,this is the one that will lead..n that one is Only MSD since last 5 years..He’s been undershadowed,overshadowed both at the same time.He has done somethings that many Ex-Captains didnt even tried.
critics say,he is lucky to have many match winners in his team and hence the success,but it is the responsibility of the skipper to evoke the match winning knocks from his teammates..
remember Joginder Sharma bowling last over in T20 finals..???

as we move ahead and look after for the new carrier,certainly,Sehwag..Zaheer..Harbhajan..not on the list.these are fighting for their place in the Kohli..raina..gambhir..are too young..yuvraj has just made the historic best comebacks of the world defeating germ cell cancer.

One person who takes stance for every bowl that Indian bowlers bowl ,gets mentally drained each time the match is into the slog overs and crucial situations..and most important in each format even leads in Indian premier league and puts his team in 4 out of 5 finals with 1 time on winning side..i doubt he has got steel tighs or what.?
you cannot doubt his abilities on just two overseas defeats and one home can see how much he is hurt than anyone else,against pakistan.we were on the loosing side,but Dhoni standed out alone.than came England came back and saw MSD counterattacking them.
and now it was the turn for aussies,already Clarke had tasted the first defeat as captain in India with MSD’s match changing knock of 224.most by any Indian captain in Tests followed by complete Whitewash.

Only batsman keeper to score over 200 in one complete day.
Kept his senior mates out and brought in likes of (Moustache Dudes) Dhawan & Jadeja in longer formats.
Toured England with young Lads without SRT & many seniors to compete with the best 8 teams of the world in the seaming conditions and England were everyones favourite ofcourse technicaly because records says that seaming conditions not much of the glories in Indian Camp.Msd with his boys went on to field every match like champions to defend there World title and everyone Witnessed how did they ! Rohit sharma opening throughout the champions trophy,Ishant sharma bowling that crucial over with wickets of Morgan & Bopara and Ashwin finishing off in the end.
That evening,boys in the White Blazers of Champions gave me goosebumps and certainly those moments always will.
Comparing the finals of World cup 2011 and Champions trophy 2013 one can easily notice the Celebration that Msd did after winning,jumping like a 4 year old kid who has got what he wanted,and indeed he has.
This doesnt end here travels to carribean beaches gets injured and ruled out of the series,still stays with the team,does the water boy job for the team,and delivers in the Final like a king Always !
With many more glorious moments to come in Indian Cricket.anyone can certainly look at Dhoni as era after Sachin Tendulkar ! “in Indian Cricket” .!

looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub…

“looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub”
All the world before me passing by,I have got nothing to gain and nothing to loose..
Silent is my voice and I’ve got no choice.
I dont feel here anymore,
I dont hear,anymore,
I dont see,anymore,
I dont speak,anymore,
I dont feel…
Like I wanna leave this place for good,Under the ground.
I’ll live down there without a sound
And never hear
hissing voices all the same..!

P.S.I am not Drunk.!